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Inspired by a wide range of influences, from the natural beauty of our surroundings to the art and culture of the world around us.

Our story

Camilla Wellton is a Swedish high-end fashion brand that embodies the perfect blend of classic sophistication and modern style.

Founded in 2001 by the self-taught designer Camilla Wellton while still at Stockholm university, the brand has risen to international recognition and acclaim.

Camilla's background in environmental science, chemistry and mathematics as well as dedication to Yoga in her daily life since her teems, has given her a unique perspective on fashion design.

The results are collections that are not only beautiful but also wearable and somehow, while seeming futuristic, seem like modern classics.

Made to order

At Camilla Wellton, we believe in creating items of clothing that are wearable while individualistic, beautiful and ethical.

That's why every piece in our collections is made to order by our seamstresses in Stockholm, Sweden.

You will only find our pieces here on our website and in shops that support the made-to-order approach.

By choosing Camilla Wellton, you are choosing fashion that is both luxurious and ethical. Each piece is made with care and attention to detail, ensuring that you receive a garment of the highest quality that will last for years to come.

What they said

“Fashion designer Camilla Wellton is a few designs shy from becoming the next Stefano Pilati. Her collection has been described by some as futuristic and though true, her designs still resonate and work extremely well with our current times.

I personally think her collection should be described simply as “sci-fi meets modern.” Take her Dragon Jacket for example, elegant, yet the asymmetrical and avant-garde nature of the design, make it one that I could see myself wearing today and in the year 2020.

Another interesting fact that sets Camilla apart is her accessibility to her clients (a rare luxury if I may say so myself). That and the fact that her clothing is constructed from plant based textiles have me loving her pieces even more.

Alice Kuaban,
Vert and Vogue

“Swedish luxury fashion designer Camilla Wellton’s collection brings strong shapes and elegant tailoring.

Even with the bold statement collars and kimono inspired sleeves there is subtlety in her designs and a timeless quality which we like.”

Trend blast

“Camilla Wellton’s exaggerated collars and sleeves of cream fabric look like angelic wings on sharp-cut samurai-inspired outfits, mixing the romantic with the power of the lines.”

Veronica Crespi,
Eco chic Magazine

“Magnifying natural beauty with style lines that capture the essence of a woman seems to look almost effortless when viewing the Camilla Wellton collection.

Camilla Wellton, the Swedish designer behind the eponymous label has reached a wider audience that surpasses her city limits. With a line of clothing that embodies the woman who seeks comfort and sophisticated elegance, it’s not difficult to see that she cares about the environment as well.

Wellton shares her ideals and passions by captivating them in the seams of each Camilla Wellton garment.

The apparel is dramatic and purely addicting. There’s no doubt that her comprehension in the allurement of the female form is quite visionary.”

Tamara Madison,
Astonish Magazine

“Swedish designer Camilla Wellton creates quirky items of clothing, think urban streetwear but with a smart and clever touch, and an emphasis on precise cut and carefully selected materials.”

Anna Battista,
Dazed and confused

“Camilla Wellton´s label is a reflection of an analytical and empiricist approach to life, juxtaposed to an immense awareness of the surrounding natural world.

She is not however to be confused with an eco-label, as elegance, design, and impeccable fitting take priority in creations.”

Fier Management