On a mission to create a reality where

I Love Every moment

Not only do I firmly believe that’s possible, I also believe that my path toward this reality is by, no matter what I do, be it work, think, feel or just be, remain rooted in a mindset of sensual reverence .

And to actively play. With everything, even the texture of reality itself.

Hello, my name is Camilla Wellton

About the designer

Camilla Wellton is a French Caribbean – Swedish fashion designer based in Stockholm. 

She has a unique signature style that combines simplicity and complexity, resulting in a novel and elegant aesthetic that appeals to women in their 30s as well as those in their 40s and 50s.

A self-taught fashion designer and pattern constructor, she studied environmental science, chemistry, yoga, and mathematics. She graduated with an entrepreneurial studies degree and launched her label in its present form in 2009 although she founded it 2001.

Camilla’s background in science and mathematics gives her a unique perspective on fashion design, allowing her to approach her craft with a blend of creativity and precision. Her designs are known for their unusual cuts, elegant silhouettes and almost futuristic atmosphere.

Maybe because being self-taught, Camilla has gained a reputation as one of the most innovative and exciting designers in the industry. Her designs have been featured in major fashion shows and have caught the attention of celebrities and fashion icons around the world.

This is a designer who is as passionate about her craft as she is about making a positive impact on the world.

Integrity, Individuality and Self-love

About the

Camilla Wellton is a Swedish high-end fashion brand that is has gained international recognition in the industry.

The brand is known for its luxurious and elegant designs that are created with integrity, individuality, and self-respect in mind.

Camilla has collaborated with major companies worldwide and has been recognized as the face of Swedish fashion by the Swedish government multiple times.

Her designs were featured in the Spring hair style shows for Schwarzkopf Sweden.

Camilla’s commitment to sustainability is evident in her work. In 2011, she inaugurated the first sustainable fashion show ever made in China in collaboration with We Impact, sponsored by Lexus and P1, during the Shanghai Fashion Week.

Camilla’s designs have also caught the attention of Chinese movie star and fashion icon, Cecilia Cheung, who featured Camilla Wellton’s designs in her new sustainable fashion project, Creo, in 2016.

At Camilla Wellton, we believe that fashion should be about more than just looking good; it should also be about feeling good and doing good. Our brand is dedicated to creating designs that are both beautiful and sustainable. 

We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of fashion design while maintaining our commitment to sustainability and ethical production methods. 


Camilla Wellton has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades throughout her career as a fashion designer.

Her innovative designs and commitment to sustainability have caught the attention of industry leaders and fashion enthusiasts alike.

2017: a life changing decision

In 2017, Camilla Wellton made a bold and personal decision to put her fashion brand on hold. As a successful designer who had worked tirelessly to establish herself in the industry, Camilla realized that she had been living at a workaholic tempo that left no room for social development and personal growth.

She came to the realization that years had gone by without the opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, such as play, fun, and spending time with friends while dancing.

Despite the success of her brand, Camilla felt that there was a part of her life that was missing.

To rectify this, Camilla made the decision to take time off from her fashion brand to focus on her personal life. She spent quality time with her friends, loved ones and went to Amazing parties many of which in Berlin.

Camilla’s hiatus from the fashion industry allowed her to rediscover herself and the things that were most important to her.

A focus on sensuality and body posivity

During this time she became inspired and encouraged by the underground techno and kink community in Stockholm to develop a new brand that focused on sensuality and body positivity.

This led to the creation in 2018 of We Got Cookies, a sensual accessories brand that encourages individuals to develop a deep sensuous connection with their bodies and others.

Like the Camilla Wellton brand, We Got Cookies is built on a foundation of integrity, individuality, and self-respect. The brand encourages individuals to explore what it means to be a sensuous being, a sensual being, what mindset it requires and to will soon launch a space where everyone can explore their desires in a safe and respectful environment.

We Got Cookies is dedicated to creating high-quality accessories that are both beautiful and functional. Each piece is designed to enhance the wearer’s experience and to inspire confidence and self-expression.

At We Got Cookies, we believe that everyone should feel empowered to explore their sexuality and to develop a deep connection with their bodies and others.


Exploring other talents

In addition to developing We Got Cookies, Camilla Wellton also took the opportunity during her hiatus to explore other talents.

She discovered a passion for music production under the alter ego Gyndroid, creating music that has been featured in two feature films and several commercials.

Camilla also explored her talent for graphic design, creating business strategies and graphic profiles for several brands.

Camilla’s exploration of these new talents has enriched her life and added depth to her creative output. Her passion for music production and graphic design is evident in the unique and innovative designs that she creates under the brand ” I love my work”.

At Camilla Wellton, we believe that life is about more than just work, and that it is essential to explore new talents and passions in order to grow and develop as individuals.


Selected as 1 of 15 designers to showcase their collection at the "ung I Stockholm" event at Kulturhuset, Stockholm


Selected as 1 of 12 designers to represent Swedish fashion at a fashion event in Iceland organised by the Swedish embassy.


Selected as 1 of 9 designers to participate in "Fashion goes sport", an event organised by the Swedish fashion council for which Camilla and her cousin Anna Wellton created the female skateboard lifestyle brand Chix on boards


Founder, organizer and show casing designer at Fashionstreet, a monthly fashion event with catwalks (over 60 designers in total) , live musicians and shopping in downtown Stockholm on cooperation with Street


Co-organizer and show casing designer during "Swedish days" in St Petersburg in cooperation with the Embassy of Sweden in St Petersburg and Art-east


Chosen "Best fashion designer", the public's choice IKEA award


Joins Roofhangers Film and Fashion agency


Winner of the Sisters Academy design award


Chosen by the Nordic fashion council and the Swedish Export council joint venture in Tallinn, Estonia as a representative of Swedish design. At the same time invited to give a lecture at the university of Tallinn to humanities students on creativity


Inaugurated the first sustainable fashion show ever made in China in collaboration with We Impact, sponsored by Lexus and P1, during the Shanghai Fashion Week.


One of 20 selected Swedish designers to be part of Eco Chic, funded by the Swedish government, showing Swedish fashion design all over the world, including an exhibit in Shanghai


Chosen by the Swedish embassy in Beijing to represent Swedish fashion design 2011 at Visit Sweden's inauguation event in Beijing


Selected to be part of the Esthetica section of the London Fashion Week


Shortlisted for the UK Innovation Award


Created and managed Space at play, a 10 day live music and fashion festival in Stockholm in cooperation with Beyond Fashion and Mälardalens högskola


Awarded the prize for best Swedish designer by WFW at their global event in Jakarta


Awarded the prize for best Swedish designer by ASEAN Fashion week in Japan


Chosen by the Swedish embassy in Nigeria to represent Swedish fashion design at their event


Designed the clothes for Swchartzkopf Sweden´s Spring hair style shows featuring hair stylist Maria Oldenberg at Berns, Stockholm.


Awarded the prize for best Swedish designer by WFW at their event in Paris


Showcase at the Tokyo Fashion week


Put the fashion brand on hold to have a very pleasurable, loving and rewarding social life with lot's of Amazing parties in Berlin.

Started the development of accessories brand
We got cookies

Explored other talents:
Music production
Graphic design


Launches the the lifestyle brand We got cookies


Maternity leave


Costume manager for feature film "Clara and Luke" by director Tobias Rydin


Resident designer and stylist in the research project Future Brown Space led by Professor John-Paun Zaccarini at the Stockholm University of Arts


Resident designer and stylist in the research project Future Brown Space led by Professor John-Paun Zaccarini at the Stockholm University of Arts


Camilla Wellton takes up the Camilla Wellton brand again after a 5 year hiatus with a fresh perspective


Awarded the prize for best Swedish designer by WFE in Los Angeles